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Feel good and be in the know every day! Everyone loves jelly beans, and today's flavors mimic just about every other food on the planet. So how do you choose which ones appeal to your taste buds? Look to your Sun sign!

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Based on the elements associated with your sign Fire, Earth, Air or Water or its ruling planet, it's possible to make a good astrological guess as to which sweet treat will make you want more. So while we recently advised you not to look for too much of life's meaning in Jelly Beans, you can at least take a peek below to see if we're right about your sign's favorite flavors:.

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The Ram is ruled by Mars, who didn't earn his reputation as the red planet just because that's how he looks from Earth. Mars rules adrenaline and all the feelings that accompany that state: assertion, aggression and anger —- basically, "seeing red. Aries may be your next-door neighbor, but you couldn't be more opposite when it comes to tastes.

In your not-so-humble and extremely educated culinary opinion, food shouldn't just taste good, it should also feel good going down -- and pain isn't a part of that process. When it comes to your ultra-famous sweet tooth, flavors like Cotton Candy and Chocolate Pudding are on your list. Your sign's love of duality didn't happen by accident. You may never go back to the liquid version again! Home-loving Cancer likes to be reminded of domestic bliss. And what's more blissful than memories of trees -- climbing branches with your brothers and sisters, or sitting under the leaves?

Bring back those feelings with fruit-flavored jellybeans: apples, plums or lemons. If you were a raspberry or blueberry picker on weekends, those would suit you too. Oh, have one of everything!

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Like your Aries cousins, you're fire, ruled by the fieriest heavenly body of all: the Sun. So you're also quite fond of anything that gets the adrenaline running full speed through your veins. That applies to jellybeans in the equally fiery flavors you adore. Try cinnamon and Sizzling Cinnamon, both as hot as your planet.

But since you're also a big fan of the movies, the scent and taste of Buttered Popcorn jellybeans certainly won't disagree with you. Your sign belongs to the earth, so if a jellybean's flavor reminds you of the sweetest things our lovely planet has to offer, you're in -- and the more natural the better. Obviously, you'll be drawn to try Green Apple, Pink Grapefruit and Red Apple, but don't be afraid to mix in a handful of plum, lemon, and regular apple. Think of it as having a taste of the best of the bunch!

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Lucky you! You were born with charm, magnetism and an insatiable love for sweets, thanks to your affinity with the Goddess of Love and Sweetness, Venus herself. So it's easy to see how Venus would influence you to prefer flavors, textures and qualities just as sweet.

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