Bhagyoday meaning in astrology

Because as I said above professional and personal life has been divided between husband and wife and wife always spent her life to serving her husband and his family entire life. Hence all the profit of her good or bad deeds she received through her life partner only. But it happen in only few cases because spending life alone is also like a curse and result of bad yoga of previous life. In Vedic astrology Lagna is prime important because your life story gets start from here.

Regarding the Seventh House

Strong Lagna and Lagna Lord will make you influential person among all. As 1 st house represent you and just opposite 7 th house is a house of your wife. In Case of Male. It is Just Opposite in case of female as First will represent female and 7th will Husband.

So if you are judging your marriage part only from Lagna chart so 1 st , 7 th , and 8 th house and their lords are important because 1 st house is you, 7 th is your wife and 8 th house is second from 7 th. And second house represent stored wealth and money however 8 th house is also just opposite to actual 2 nd house and also known as inheritance house In laws. Hence 8 th house and its lord is very important and actually tells how much wealth you will get through marriage.

However this is not only the formula. You have to calculate the other things also —. These all will give you answer of your all question related to marriage life. Do you know why life of the person gets changed after marriage??? Have you thought ever?

Bhagyoday meaning in astrology what house

Someone receive tremendous happiness and money and rises in career after marriage and even in few case which I have seen even remain peace of the person gets destroyed after marriage. And few also continue living average life even after marriage …. So the question is why so much drama happens?? Because your D-9 or Navamsa chart comes into the picture here -.

So whatever you received after marriage Like any situation or anything good or bad given by the planets or after age of 30 to 35 that most effect comes from Navamsa Chart. In Vedic astrology Lagna chart is known as tree so Navamsa chart is known as fruits of that tree… If Lagna chart is a radio then Navamsa chart is a signal of that radio… hence planet debilitated in birth chart but occupied own sign or exalted sign in Navamsa chart has been considered much powerful…Or your life after 30 or life after marriage will depend on the power of Navamsa chart or D-9 Chart.

When will I get marry?? If no planet is in 7th house or even not aspecting 7th house so you can also check the marriage time period through transit. Transit over 7th house and its lord. Karaka Venus, Jupiter also play major role in marriage. Will i get early marriage or Late Marriage? If there is no problem in 7th house and its lord like if its strong and under benefic influence and dasha of these planets are coming in right time in natal chart so chances are higher to get married timely. Same opposite malafic influence over 7th house and on its lord create delay. Sometime people also problem from dasha system as dasha of marriage causing comes very late.

Position of Venus For male and Jupiter and Mars for Female also decides marriage, as they are karakas for marriage.

Spouse Profession in Astrology

Will I have love marriage or Arrange marriage?? Ohh commonly asked question - As far as i have knowledge for this condition -. If seventh house or its lord is having under any m a lefic influence and the same time 7th house and its lord also having conjunction or one aspect of any benefic planet Love we see through fifth house if fifth house and its lord is also connected with 7th house and with its lord so chances are higher to get love marriage.

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  • Strength of this Rajyog depends on the strength of ninth house lord. This combination will indicate that natal will be fortunate, religious, attractive personality, educated and well-known personality. This combination in female indicates — great house wife or house maker. If ninth house lord is placed with ascendant lord then this position indicates — wealth and all type of facilities. Combination with auspicious planets will indicate highly positioned government job with power.

    Natal may enjoy paternal property along with own earned property. Natal may enjoy fame, and will have kind heart and powerful position. But weak or navamansha of ninth house lord is placed in 6 th , 8 th or 12 th house, then natal may financially suffer and may have to live in poverty. Ninth house lord with Rahu can give service under foreign ruler foreign companies.

    Conjunction with Mars may give the job in Police or defence services. Strong ninth house lord indicates — knowledgeable, wealthy and dear to all. Natal will enjoy all facilities, happiness from spouse and children. Conjunction with second house lord gives highly successful family business. Natal will enjoy well established life and good life style and food. But affliction or conjunction with malefic planets or with eighth house lord indicates — no property and possibility of legal disputes- litigations etc.

    This position conjunction with eighth house lord may give defame also. Ninth house Lord in third house, indicates — strength town house, fortunate for siblings because fortune is in the house of siblings. Natal has tendency of writing on religion and spirituality. Natal likes music and likes to play music instruments etc.

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    Natal also enjoys pilgrim and foreign visits. If Saturn is involved then natal will either work at foreign land or work under foreigners. Placement of ninth house lord in 6 th , 8 th , or 12 th house in Navmasha chart is not good. Weak and malefic conjunction of ninth house lord can give poor writing skills or can give trouble to the natal. Conjunction with forth house lord gives good education, happiness and higher position of ruler like President etc. Conjunction with Mercury can give head of the institution.

    But weak and malefic affects can give adverse position to mother and happiness etc.

    Even father may face troubles because lord is placed in eighth house from its own position. Ninth house lord in fifth house indicates — trine lord in trine and ninth house lord in the ninth house from its own position.

    Astrology Ascendant Predictor - Ascendant Calculator

    Natal will be fortunate for children, son, religion, education, intelligence, prosperity, and kind heart along with obedient to elders. Conjunction with fifth house lord indicates — natal will enjoy all type of support from father inclusive of wealth and property. Natal will be intelligent and good position to enjoy fame in literature field.

    But affliction indicates — problems for children and father. This position also indicates misfortune or unfortunate and interruption in education.