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Before anybody starts yelling at me about pseudo-science or anything, I would love to preface this by acknowledging that both the zodiac and the Myers Briggs personality test or the 16 personalities test are more for funsies than real-world applications.

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Horoscopes and the zodiac in general are based on birth date and if you're super into it, the time and place for moon signs, rising signs I am totally a Pisces, although the zodiac changes have switched me to an Aquarius, which I have decided to completely reject and ignore because it does not fit at all. I used to check my horoscope every day, though somewhat dubiously while still simultaneously whispering, "Wow, that's really accurate. Getting mad at another driver while commuting to my internship?

Trying to decide what I want to eat later? No kidding I'm encountering conflict, I do every day in such trivial things.


Anybody could say that. That's when I stopped checking my horoscope. I was like, "Hey, wait a minute, these are so vague that they'd obviously be applicable to anybody" though the romance ones were always hilariously wrong. I still totally feel my Pisces profile, but horoscopes themselves are kind of useless to me. What am I really gaining from them? Cue the entire "wow, this is so me" thought process all over again.

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While my zodiac sign fits me perfectly, there's something kind of weird in assuming somebody's entire personality based on when they were born. It makes more sense to take an entire test, rightIn a sense, yeah. You're actually answering based on how you feel, rather than having it pre-determined for you. However, on the flip side, there's not always a ton of consistency in it. While the zodiac is relatively I'm still pretending the change didn't happen consistent, you can definitely change up some answers on the personality test depending on how you feel and get a different type entirely.

I feel like I understand how I interact with people more clearly with the Myers Briggs test, and that it describes me more based on my actual personality and answers to the test.

People seem to buy into it more than astrology, too. On the flip side, I could possibly take it now and get a totally different typecast, while I'm a Pisces forever. Oct 8, Email Horoscopes Get your Horoscopes delivered free to your inbox every day!

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Email address. Daily Compatibility. To have Venus, the planet of love return to your romantic sector is one of the most anticipated moments of any year.

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Venus returns to find Mercury already here and for the last six days he has been giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page. Venus also returns to find something special developing on the communication and relationship fronts.

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