Numerology baby names with date of birth 8 march in tamil

Name is Rishikesh Agrawal. My name is Manish Kaicker and my d. Please suggest if by adding alphabets i need to correct my name or not.

Hi, my name is rajeev kuar, my date of birth is Does this flat suit us to live. Hi, my name is rajeev kumar, my date of birth is I am chander prakash and my DOB is , but from the begining everyone calls me Prakash, and in my certificate it is only prakash, my DOB in the certificate is Please let me know the full details which suits me according to my DOB and my name or whether I need to make any changes in my name or what?

Please provide me the full details. Dear Sir, would like to know if my name is positive or not. Is my present married last name positive or negative.

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DOB Finances are in trouble. My life has been sack of illhappening except for my kids. These days too nothing has changed. What is wrong with my numbers or vibrations of my name. My older son is strugling for success in life his name is Romee. My daughter is working hard in school her name is Rashi and my youngest one is Rajeev but he is called Raj.

Did I name them right? Kindly give solution to get a standard well sutied luckarative job.

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Now I am not in a steady job and due that my family is suffering a lot. I am aneasy going type.

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Do my name suits to my Date of Birth. If there is any corrections in my name, kindly suggest me. If i start a Business. It is possible for me to attain success in it. What kind of business will give me the success. Dear Sir, I wanted to know, according to my birth date,and zodiac sign, which are my lucky alphabets: my details are: date of birth: 22 october, Name: Zimran Roger. My name is prasanna kumar. B and my d. Dear Sir, My Daughter is born on at 7. I am planning to name her as Shambhavi. Do this name suit her?. I kindly request you to help me. Awaiting your valuable reply.

My name is Anand Ashok Pillay. My date of birth is 11 December My moon sign is leo. I have been advised by Astro-numerologist to change my name to Mannas Ashok Piellaey. I would like to know whether my new name is positive or good having positive vibrations as per pronology. Please advise my email address is pillayanand1 rediffmail. Cn u find out whether my existing name is fine else suggest me an alternative. My name is sutabile for my date of birth. Dear Sir, My name is K. Shrinivas and my d.

As per the pronology is my is correct. Dear Sir, My date of birth is , Time — Place : Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. Please Suggest the correct name. Father name is P. RAJESH I want to know whether my daughter name suits to dob if any sugestions or corections in the name please specify. MY name is K. Karthikeyan with dobJune Birth palce:Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Father name is S.

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I want to know whether my name suits to dob. However my current name has not been appealing to me. Thus i have intended to create a name with the help of my readings. I would like to change my name to : Gabilashounzer. K However i do not put initials of his name in my name.

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So please advise. Thank you. From SIngapore. My DOB is So far no progress in my life. I would like to change or re arrange my as per numerology. Kindly give your valuable advice. Pet name among family is Lohi, and known as Daz among working colleagues. Let me know, which of the name will be very good for him both in terms of the prosperity and good health. Dear sir. Due to my name r date of birth please verify my problem. Hi, my name is Nalini. My daughter name is S.

Dharshiga studying VII std and her D. B is I would be very happy if you could send me a suggestion for more benefit in studies and etc.. Kindly send complete History of my Future. Looking forward to hearing from you! Do, my name suits to my Date of Birth. Prananams my name is BN Chakravarthy. Hi sir, i am Irfan Rashid born on 11 March sir what is my numerology and how much sucessful i can be. I Have a baby boy kid 2 months older D.

B ,Time — Guga Nandan, whether this name is suitable or not. I Have a baby Girl kid 1. I want to change my name according to numerology. My name is J. Hello sir,my sister A. Rathi she is date of birth is 08 02 ,father name is ananthavelu ,mother name is umarani. Pls advise me.


Dear Sir, My Name is Balaji. R and mother name is Vasantha. S , As we have health issues with my parents….