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Better success in any work can be obtained only with the aid of with self-confidence. You may have to face mental disturbance and stressful situations this month and also get trapped in unnecessary disputes at this time. You are, therefore, be required to act very carefully this month. You may have to face issues due to you being vocally obnoxious. Problems crop related to wealth and immoveable property may crop up, but you may avail better opportunities to attain sudden wealth.

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It is required to act according to time and situation. You may try to make better financial gains, in case you get lucrative opportunities to do so. You may act with utmost care and caution, in case you are going through tough times. Remember success comes easy to those who act in accordance with time and situation. There is a possibility of improvement in your position with regards to attaining a higher rank or designation in the company. In case you are working and have applied for promotion to a higher rank or designation in your office, and are trying hard for promotion, this may be the best time to extract success.

You may enjoy the conveniences of a new house and a vehicle. Not only you may be able to develop lovelier relation with your parents but also, earn their support. Their blessings may bring you many benefits. Their health should also be taken proper care of.


Doing so is crucial to bring good luck in your life. October is auspicious and progressive to attain education. Taurus natives gearing up for admission in some course or job may accomplish success in it. Stress may be seen surrounding you because of your children and love life. You may take a profitable foreign trip at this time.


There are fair chances of success, in case you have plans to travel abroad. Circumstances related to your marital life may remain favorable during this month. You may develop a better relationship with your spouse. A sudden growth in your business may be witnessed at this time but, your trading activities may remain normal. Therefore, steps should not be taken to expand the business. Better opportunities may be availed to make monetary gains. You may be able to book profits by giving your best performance in whatever task you have at hand.

Taurus natives may have to keep traveling during this month.

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You may, therefore, have more possibilities to gain financially and your efforts may not go for a toss. Significant amount of prosperity and success will touch the feet of Taureans. You are recommended to stay careful on these dates and try not to begin any auspicious activity at this time. In case you engage yourself in a propitious event on these dates, you may add to your problems. Thus, it is better to keep track of the time ahead so that your problems remain at bay. There is a strong possibility of you making financial gains during October Jupiter transiting in Scorpio may develop better situation to make monetary advances.

You may try to act with full confidence in your area of operation and succeed better in this way.

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In case you own a business, you may book profits from a business point of view. Jobholders will also do well financially. In case you are working or running a business and are planning to make an investment, you should go for it in the latter half of this month. Your financial condition may get strengthened this way and you may even succeed in fulfilling your objectives.

There is possibility of you accomplishing better success in your work at this time. There may, however, be delay in tasks undertaken. Taurus natives should, therefore, operate with stability and seriousness during this month. If you act with prudence and according to time and situation, you may have higher chances of success. You may behave normally with your relatives and also keep a check on monetary transactions.

This is the time when you may need to listen more to your brain than heart. Be careful while dealing in money matters. You may suffer from health issues related to cough, mucus, and lungs during this month. Taurus natives may also fall prey to heart-related diseases at this time.

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You may experience viral fever during this period. You should, therefore, try to be careful about your health. It is advised to take care of your nutrition and exercise daily. Yoga should be practiced to avoid unnecessary stress. Routine medical check-ups may help you get rid of your health problems even before they occur. Stress may develop in your love relation during October Unnecessary arguments between may crop up between love birds and create trouble in paradise.

Install full confidence in your lover and love him or her while channelling mutual healthy feelings. Try not to blindly trust others, as a likely situation of isolation may arise in your love relation otherwise. You may even want to keep distance from your lover this way. Try to fuly place your trust in your partner and exhibit confidence in doing so.

Only then can you perform better in tasks ahead. There are chances of a third person or outsider creating a stressful situation in your love relationship but, you both may resolve all kinds of problems with mutual understanding. You are recommended to avoid getting manipulated by someone.

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Try to move ahead in your life by trusting your partner unconditionally. Circumstances related to your marital life may remain favorable. Not only you may develop better relation with your spouse but also, gain his or her support in each and every sphere of life. You may, therefore, not only trust your life-partner but also, try to develop lovelier relation with him or her. Because of the positive measures taken by you, conditions in the future will also remain favourable.

Conditions of your family life may get strengthened in October There may be better mutual compatibility in your family. Progress will be made in all walks of life due to an ameliorated mutual harmony prevailing in the household. There may be growth in every field when your family is united and lives happily under the same roof. There may also be domestic upliftment in this way. You may, however, have to face all kinds of problems when there is any dispute in the family. Therefore, act responsibly to maintain favorable circumstances at home. During this month, you may develop lovelier relation with your parents.

There are chances of you even earning their support at this time.

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In fact, your siblings may also stand by you. During October , there are chances of you witnessing growth in all fields of operation, and getting rid of all your problems. So, to avoid evolving in a desert family, be more attentive to your loved ones and try to anticipate their desires.

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