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To support future guest episodes and free programming, please make a donation! Make a one-time donation here Click here to become a monthly subscriber. This is a guided meditation for exploring the pelvic basin, pelvic organs and genitals. This meditation is simple and playful with invitations for gentle exploration of your parts and the memories, stories and energy they hold. I truly believe that embodiment is one of the most radical political actions we can take. The more we actually know our bodies and can feel them, the less susceptible we are to marketing, fear tactics, manipulation and occupation by life-negating narratives and beliefs.

To learn more about working with your pelvic basin and for more inspiration to explore it, please listen to my guest conversation with Jeevan Singh from Flower Hand Wellness. If you enjoy this work, please consider leaving me a tip! These horoscopes are month-ahead forecasts for each sign for Scorpio Season in Scorpio Season extends between October 23 and November Everyone has every sign in their chart, and Scorpio represents amazing and important energy for each of us.

This episode is a great preparation for the next 30 days of Scorpio season and is also a very healing and powerful energy to check in with at any point. Listen here.

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The first 5 minutes are introductions and sponsorships messages. From minutes Renee gives a recap and analysis of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and explains how the storm and shadow periods work. Mercury will be in the shadow phase of its retrograde cycle from November December 7. However, each sign will experience the astrology acting in different parts of life. In these intros, I outline for you which signs relate to which parts of life. In Conversation with Michelle C. In this episode I talk with Michelle C.

We delve into the meanings we make of them, our own understanding and re interpretations, and how we understand the intersections of spirituality, yoga and social justice. For more information on Michelle, visit: www.

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She leads antiracism trainings across the country and works on the front lines of movements with individuals and groups to incorporate healing practices as tools for social justice. Along with these paths, she is also an intuitive healer, and uses her gifts to support other healers and activists. She knows first hand how power and privilege operate, and she has a deep understanding of how oppression and trauma impact the mind, body, spirit and heart. Scorpio Horoscope For March 6, Aries Horoscope For March 6, Pisces Horoscope For March 6, Gemini Horoscope For March 6, Sagittarius Horoscope For March 6, Aquarius Horoscope For March 6, Libra Horoscope For March 6, Leo Horoscope For March 6, Capricorn Horoscope For March 6, Virgo Horoscope For March 6, Taurus Horoscope For March 6, Cancer Horoscope For March 6, Healing Dreams Meditation.

In this guided meditation and healing soundscape I guide you through a felt sense embodiment and exploration of the energetic centers of the body and alignment of the endocrine glands. The head glands, specifically the pineal gland, are related to dreaming, visioning and intuition.

Regular practice with this meditation may help you access these parts of your psyche and open more deeply to spiritual assistance. This meditation was made for the Pisces new moon on March 6, In this episode I explore the nature of Pisces and how we experience this state through our lives. I look at the major planetary influences in Pisces and give a forecast for the month ahead of Pisces Season February March 20, Pisces, astrologically, is not just a "sign" but is also a way to talk about subtle feelings vibes , psychic capacity, empathy and sensitivities.

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This energy is something we all have and experience. Pisces is currently the site of very interesting, long-term planetary influence of Neptune. In the podcast I talk about Neptune as a planetary force and look back at the most recent cycle of Neptune in Pisces from These horoscopes are sign-specific interpretations for Chiron's transit through Aries. The transit began in April , but due to retrogradation it traveled back into Pisces between September February From February 19th Chiron will transit Aries through April It will briefly transit Taurus April November 25, , before its retrograde will return it to Aries until April Chiron in astrology is often called "The Wounded Healer".

Its themes focus on psychological insight and awareness as they evolve one generation to the next. Wherever Chiron is in your natal chart is a place where you will find information on how you create and perpetuate your own pain, and where you're also a recipient of a previous generation's work to articulate language and awareness in order to heal.

Cancer Horoscope For March 6, 12222

This meditation is a movement and sensing exploration. In it I'll guide you through several short explorations meant to help you access awareness of your nervous system and associated states of attention. In this short update I interpret the meaning and symbolism of Aquarius and talk about the significance of the new moon and it's aspects.

Please check embodiedastrology.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Listen to your audio horoscopes for the Aquarius New Moon on February 4, This episode focuses on the themes of Aquarius and Leo. I discuss the correlation of Aquarius' rulership of the Nervous System in Medical Astrology to the concept of the cultural nervous system and Aquarius' association to social groups and social justice.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope Reading March 6 2017

I talk about the total lunar eclipse and the series of eclipses that it is completing which began in August, I also give a forecast for the zodiacal season of Aquarius and month ahead through February 19, Positioning: A guided meditation for working with trauma and privilege. In this episode I explore the embodiment of ancestral trauma and privilege.

The meditation is meant to open inquiry into the invisible inheritances we carry as recipients of our lineages. Listen to your audio horoscopes for the Cancer Full Moon on December 22, These horoscopes are for the entire full moon phase, December 22, January 5, Learn more about the full moon astrology here: Embodiedastrology — Cancerfullmoon Practice with the guided meditation to help integrate this energy and use it for your highest purpose: Embodiedastrology — Familial-healing-meditation Learn more at: embodiedastrology. A Look Ahead at the Astrology of In this special episode I discuss major planetary influences and astrological themes of I look back at previous cycles for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron and interpret the current and upcoming cycles' challenges and opportunities.

Origin And Arrival: A guided meditation on ancestry. In this episode I explore the foundations of positioning and ancestral origin. Some writing prompts are given, so grab a pen and paper! Please enjoy your audio horoscopes! These horoscopes discuss many of the major themes and areas of focus for each sign. Please listen for your rising sign for greatest current accuracy, your sun sign for overarching life needs, and your moon sign for information on relationships and emotional growth.

Learn more about the astrology of here: Practice with these guided meditations to integrate, heal, build resilience and live with liberation in and beyond. This playlist will continue to grow throughout the year, please check back in often.

Gemini Horoscope For March 6, by Embodied Astrology with Renee Sills • A podcast on Anchor

Learn more at: embodiedastrology. Winter Ritual - An audio workshop with Renee Sills. This recording was made on December 22, at North Portland Yoga. This was the day of Winter Solstice and also happened to be a full moon in the sign Cancer. The first hour and 20 minutes or so is a time to attune to your breath and body sensations, and to explore your relationship to space, movement, and possibly other people or objects.

The last 20 minutes of the workshop was a time for our group to share some words and light candles together. Light a candle at the end and imagine that your flame is burning with ours, and that your intention is also held with our group here. Thank you so much for your interest and participation with this ritual.

I truly hope that it brings you benefit.

You can also visit the website to find more information about me and any other upcoming events. I wish you all the best, deep peace, healing and happiness in and beyond. Enjoy the ritual. What do I center or circle around? This meditation is offered at the solstice, just days before Christmas, in the midst of a season that is challenging for many of us, for many reasons.

In this meditation I explore gentle connection with ancestors, family, siblings and community. From a place of spacious empathy, we can breathe in and out, give and receive, share and benefit together. All the ways we keep coming together - Astrology for the full moon in Cancer - December 22, In this episode I explore dualism and non-duality through astrology. The winter and summer solstices and the opposition of the Sun and Moon at a full moon are both examples of polarity, but we understand them also as part of the same "thing.

I discuss some of the ways astrology describes upcoming opportunities for karmic repatterning, and releasing compulsion towards extremes. Learn more about the full moon astrology here: Practice with the guided meditation to help integrate this energy and use it for your highest purpose: Learn more at: embodiedastrology. This meditation zooms out and zooms in to give you a macro and micro perspective on the wonder of the multiverse and the mystery of your own body and cellular intelligence.

This meditation is for the moments when you get caught up in details that make your head hurt, when you get swamped with worry, another times when shifting your perspective towards a broader, bigger vision is necessary. In this episode I discuss Sagittarius and its connection to wisdom and the search for wisdom. In interpreting the chart for the Sagittarius new moon I talk about space science, spiritual teachers, ancestral patterns, politics, and, usual, what to expect from the current astrological weather.

Listen to your audio horoscopes for the Sagittarius New Moon on December 6, These horoscopes are for the entire new moon phase, December Kindness - Astrology for the full moon in Gemini - November 22, In this episode I explore the chart of the Gemini full moon November, This full moon stimulates an ongoing, and growing square between Jupiter and Neptune which will play out through the course of The dominant themes of this square suggest a battle for truth, and the control of "reality" as we know and experience it at this time on Earth.

This guided meditation is offered as a tool for times of mental and emotional overwhelm, or when connection to your own inner wisdom doesn't feel readily available. Taurus by Renee Sills. Gemini by Renee Sills. Pisces by Renee Sills. Capricorn by Renee Sills. Scorpio by Renee Sills. Leo by Renee Sills.

Virgo by Renee Sills. Aquarius by Renee Sills. Aries by Renee Sills.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

Libra by Renee Sills. Cancer by Renee Sills. Sagittarius by Renee Sills. In this episode I dive into the astrology for the Scorpio new moon, which also happens to be the astrology for the US Midterm Elections. Through an exploration of the chart of this moment I consider the meaning of power and courage in a world that is rapidly changing and being systematically destroyed by greed and human desperation.