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Planets here show their expansive nature. Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment. Kendra 1,4,7,10 - Lakshmi Houses Like a cardinal sign Most important, they are strong and active to accomplish their potential - Sharp energetic - power for achievement and strong will.

Tenth is the strongest - seventh, fourth, first. Tenth house even overpower the ascendant. Same Modality as the ascendant.

Yogas and Astrology

Trine 1,5,9 - Houses of dharma 1 personal 5 creative 9 ore collective. They give as well as take. Jupiter and the moon are good in trines. One trine aspects all others. They are in the same element as the ascendant.

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More important for spirituality. Succedent - 2,5,8,11 - like a fixed Accumulation of resources - maintaining what we have. Income houses. Also mind self expression, 5th, intelligence, 2nd speech, 8th insight, worldly communication. Cadent - 3,6,9,12 like a mutable give sensitivity, adaptability, high intelligence - but unstable, uncertain - mental or nervous problems.

Good for spiritual development. Upachaya - 3, 6 10, 11 they are increasing houses. Planets in them give more over time. Mars and Saturn do well here, give power to overcome obstacles. Malefics do well in the 11th.

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Apachaya - 1,2,4,7,8 houses of decrease. They lose their strength through time. Malefics do not do well In them, particularly the 8th. Dusthanas - difficult houses. Saturn: offers obstacles in the life. Any type of relation between Moon and Saturn forms Punarphoo yoga. There will be some obstacles present not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of celebration of the marriage. Lord of 7th house posited in 6th house, cause delay in marriage. Sun is posited in ascendant and Saturn is placed in 7th house, delayed marriage.

Saturn and Moon combines in 7th house. Venus and Sun are at more than 43 degree apart in the natal chart, indicates delayed marriage. Malefic planet present in 2nd house, or lord of 2nd house is placed in 12th house. Lord of 2nd combines with the lord of 8th house.

Lord of 2nd house is retrograde, or a retrograde planet is being posited in 2nd house, indication of delay marriage. Lord of 7th is retrograde or a retrograde planet is placed in 7th house. The lord of 7th house is situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house [inauspicious houses] or in inimical sign without the association of any benefice planet. The lord of 7th house is also the lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house. Venus combines with Saturn and Mars and situated in 7th house from Moon. If the ascendant and 7th lord combines in an inauspicious house, the native will not marry at all. Saturn in Scorpio and Moon aspects it, no marriage is indicated.

A very practical combination has been watched over a pretty long time for extremely delayed and denied of marriage is - if Moon-Mars-Ketu [dragon tail] posited in a line in a horoscope without having any planets between them. Two malefic planets in 7th and 12th house and Moon occupies the 5th house. Marital Compatibility: Conjugal Bliss and Discord in Astrology Everyone thinks of a pleasent, prosperous and a peaceful life after getting married.

To get adjustment in wedded life, each of the partners should share equal amount of love, affection, sympathy, amicable understanding and similar mental aptitude. Marriage Compatibility is viewed essential for happy marital life. Sometimes there are marriages having inharmonious relationship, resulting in marital discord.

The reasons can be many including the economical, lack of physical and psychological compatibility, extra marital affairs, aggressive attitude, selfish nature, etc. Sweet conjugal married life is indicated. Indicates disturb married life. Divorce or separation is indicated. Love marriage prediction in astrology A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, understanding, affection, and commitment. True love between a man and a woman leads to marriage.

Astrologically it is possible to predict whether the native will have love marriage or arranged one.

Lords of 5th and 7th houses exchange signs. Lord of 5th is posited in 7th house or lord of 7th is placed in 5th house, possibility of having love marriage is indicated. Lords of 7th and 11th lords exchange signs, and Mars is posited in 5th house. Lords of ascendant, 5th, and 7th houses are malefic in nature, and related to 8th house, possibility of having love marriage increases.

Indication of Having Early Progeny or Issues in the Horoscope Some women in their early 20s found great meaning in marriage and parenting. These women find their goals and fulfillments in loving and caring for a child and feel that an early motherhood placed them on a new path and gave a new meaning and depth to their lives.

An early motherhood transformed their worlds and created a new moral horizon for how they should live. Lords of ascendant and 5th exchange each other's house. Lords of 5th and ascendant are associated, in the horoscope of the native. Ascendant and 5th lords aspect each other. Formations of above combinations in the Moon chart.

Sample horoscope NameMrs. Lord of 5th Saturn, is posited in 7th house and aspects the ascendant.

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  4. Lord of ascendant the Mercury aspects the lord of 5th house. Education and intelligence are closely related.

    Loss of progeny is a heart rending misfortune. Curses works on subtle plane when a man is angry or out of temper, reasons and logic are generally thrown to back seat. Affliction to fifth house surely causes premature deaths of children. Whether or not we believe in blessing or curses, they surely work. This science is mainly useful to rulers. Hence I explain in this Ch. If 5, or 6 planets be so placed, even a person of mean birth will attain rulership. If one, or two heavenly bodies be so, the native will only be rich, being equal to a king, but not really be a king.

    According to Yavanas, if only malefics are exalted, the native will become a king indulging, in cruel deeds.

    Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

    But, as per Jeevasarma, such planets will make one valorous, but not a king. One with such a Yoga according to Kalyanavarma will be honoured and will become the head of a region. Explained below are the Yogas, that will make even a person of base birth a king, according to Shastras. If all the four of the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, or three of them, be exalted and one of them be simultaneously in the Ascendant, a total of 16 kinds of Raja Yogas are formed. One born even in a mean caste with such a Yoga will become a ruler.

    Again a different group of 16 Raja Yogas are formed, if one, or two out of the above four planets are in exaltation, while one of the exalted planets occupies the Ascendant, as the Moon remains in Cancer. According to great sages, these 32 Yogas will make one a ruler, who reigns the whole earth, as though it is just a garden. If at birth Aries be the Ascendant containing the Moon, Mars and Jupiter one will become an emperor of the whole earth encircled by the seas and the Udayagiri i.

    Should Jupiter be in Cancer, while Mars occupies Aries identical with the Ascendant, or should both Jupiter and Mars be in Aries Ascendant, the native will become a ruler whose enemies dare not approach him, while his minister will be favourable to him. Should the Moon be in the 11th House along with Venus and Jupiter, while Aries, Capricorn and Virgo are occupied by their Lords, one born in Virgo Ascendant will doubtlessly become a very knowledgeable king.

    If Cancer Ascendant contain the Moon with full bright rays, while the 7th, 6th, 4th, 10th and 3rd are, respectively, occupied by Mercury, Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, the native will become a ruler. Simultaneously Mars should be conjunct Saturn. Should Taurus ascend at birth with the Full Moon, as Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio are tenanted, respectively, by Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter, the native will become a king with abundant riches and with conveyances.

    If the Moon is in Pisces identical with Ascendant, while Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo are in their order occupied by Mars, Saturn and the Sun, one will become a ruler well versed in all arts. One will become an unconquerable king, with knowledge of the Vedas, if he takes birth in Capricorn Ascendant with exalted Mars, if it opposed by Full Moon in Cancer. If exalted Sun is in the Ascendant along with the Moon, the native will become a ruler, who will be endowed with pleasing appearance and with whose very reminiscence the enemies will shed tears and will sparkle fire of grief in their hearts.