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This has had to do with a new person entering your life. It could be a lover, it could be an unexpected friend. But even all your personal changes are leading up to you meeting them. And they will enhance these changes.

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Focus on your interiority this month. Libras perform the exterior so well. Give yourself more space to feel this month. Give yourself the luxury of not texting back. Although you're someone who can face great change—you have an enormous reserve of strength—you may not be ready for what's in store. You should rethink your professional goals and how best to get there. Perhaps you need to pursue other professional options in order to achieve what truly moves you.

A project that has been lingering the past few months will come to fruition. Is it all just a dream? Not a chance. You are the catalyst, and also what keeps it all going. You might even have felt happier this time last year, with less things going on. You know the ones.

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Think of that light. Would you rather have that or the momentary pleasures of the moment? You know you want that light. Sometimes people think of you as conservative, but that's just an oversimplification of who you really are. You're extremely wide-reaching in your ability to see all facets of a situation, problem, or idea—all opposites of a conservative perspective. Perhaps what they mean is that you can be reserved in your judgments and reticent in your approach to everyday concerns. Who knows the real you? Do you know yourself?

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This month will give you some trials in order to find out. You will be surprised at what emerges on the other side of them. You will find something meaningful in the color green.

Everything you touch this month will work in your favor. This is a golden time for you. You'll notice that you even feel more comfortable letting people see your vulnerability, which you guard so fiercely. Get to work. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets.

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The Eclipses and the British Monarchs. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. All named asteroids. All about Astrology Understanding Astrology. Last year, after talking to her therapist about how her astrological sign impacted her love life—especially her tendency to become infatuated with guys—Alice Bell started researching her birth chart online. I just became obsessed with it. Bell, who is 26, an Aquarius sun, and a Pisces moon, began doing readings for family members and coworkers at Vogue , where she worked as an editorial assistant.

Bell had amassed a few thousand followers on Instagram, where she posted stylish photos of herself around New York and while traveling abroad. Her followers loved it. Bell left Vogue in February and began offering in-person astrology readings at upscale parties in New York—private birthdays, a pop-up shop for a clothing brand. A year after she first started googling information about her birth chart, the Tennessee native has fashioned herself into an astrology expert.

We have entered the age of the astrology start-up and the upstart astrologer—self-taught, self-branded, and self-aware. The astrology hashtag on Instagram has over 3. Last month, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released her birth time to the public after one of her constituents, an astrologer, requested it from her office. The internet went nuts mapping the birth chart of the year old Libra sun, Aries moon, and Sagittarius rising. The current culture encourages people to engage in self-care, to self-examine, to take selfies in which we document our lives as we move through the world and try to better understand our deepest selves.

People want easy answers about who we are and how we can best self-actualize.

I gleefully signed on to write this article— a chance to learn more about me! I asked Sterling about my health, about becoming a mother, about a certain professional opportunity that I was having a hard time figuring out whether to take. In the s, astrology waned as a belief system, and astrologers were demoted to the status of underground mystics, if not outright heretics.

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In the conservative s, astrology fell out of fashion; anything beyond a tame, pithy horoscope column in a weekly newspaper or magazine was considered the territory of quirky outsiders. The Reagans employed a personal astrologer while they were in the White House, but they were quiet about that fact—even as they ran their schedule by her to make sure the planets were in a favorable alignment for any important decisions.